Working with the Weather

As I woke up Monday morning and looked out the window blue sky shown through the trees for the first time in several days.  The last week has been unusually dark and wet.  Only .37” of rain is reported, but 4 days of clouds and sporadic rain is uncommon here.  We took advantage of the break in the weather and put the second round of transplants and seeds in the ground.

As the video above shows, the soil was pleasant to work with.  I am enjoying the sandy loam here more and more.  It is so forgiving and resilient.  The beds are coming out beautiful every time.  The JD 2130 and Maschio B have a role to play in that, too.  We went with the 70″ Maschio against the advice of Market Farm Implement.  They like to till the entire width of the wheel base.  With an outside dimension of 82″ I have 6″ or so on each side that is left untilled.  This allows me to drive a little closer to the previous bed without the rototiller compromising it.  As I drive back over the freshly tilled bed to make walking paths it is helpful to measure off  the tread marks left the soil.

The first round of bulb fennel was on the transplanting schedule.  They look better this year than last.  We left them in the greenhouse a little longer for the roots to develop more.