Week 3 – 2019 CSA

potato salad with 
grilled pac choi



It has been a busy week here on the farm. We had a couple of staff away most of the week, several volunteers step up to help out, long hours of catch up weeding, irrigation project finishing, deliveries arriving, vegetables harvested, CSA shares packed, laughter, tears and a general good time had by all. 
We planted the last round of snap peas, carrots and beets for the season. They are all looking good so far for the late summer harvest. 
The warm-ish days are helping to get more crops to maturity. The beets and kohlrabi are a couple weeks away, cilantro and broccoli should be ready next week. 
With the coming 4th of July holiday I thought a nice potato salad would fill the bellies of friends and families that might me around and the dill was ready just in time to add a little local flavor. Maybe you have some radish left in the refrigerator and the toscano kale would work fine in the recipe above, or you could pick up a bunch of red kale at our farmers market booth if you want it just right. If you haven’t grilled the pac choi before, try it this week, it is amazing.
Happy vegetable eating.



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