Week 2 – Garden Share 2015

Week 2 copyWeathervaneArrow_RECIPESMizuna, Quinoa, Pear Salad by Lohud Food Blog

Egg Baked in Tomato with Spinach at NPR Cookbooks and Recipes

9 Clever Recipes for Kale by Stone Soup Food Blog

WeathervaneArrow_FarmNews     Tuesday night there was an exciting storm with thunder, lightening, rain, and the rare occurrence of hail after dark. Laying in bed, with a night’s sleep ahead of me, the temptation to lay awake and worry crossed my mind. But after the loudest part of the storm subsided, I realized that there was little to be done and losing sleep would make matters no better. We are accustomed to the damage hail does in the garden and have been fortunate not to receive repeated hail poundings, which seems to be the weather pattern where the most loss resides. We’ve learned to have a wait and see approach when assessing damage. For the most part, crops will recover in a few weeks.  Before this storm the garden was thoroughly weeded and we had a beautiful bed of near perfect spinach to harvest Friday morning.  All appeared under control.  As you may notice there are a few holes in leaves in the share this week.   There is a tendency to think, “I just should have harvested that spinach on Tuesday.” We’ve grown to welcome those thoughts as teachers that help us see what is and, with smiles on our faces, ask the question, “What now?”  Check out the recipes above for how to use that perfectly delicious and somewhat holey spinach, now.

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