Week 17 – CSA Shares 2017

Beet and Potato Salad at New York Times Cooking

Pea Shoot Pesto at Love and Lemons

Bok Choy Stir Fry with Tomato Ginger Sauce at Experience Life


Seth Update: The farm acquired a John Deere Gator enabling Seth to participate in the harvest.  He’s been transporting bins to the garden and veggies to the wash station.  It’s been great to have him back outside in the garden with the crew and everyone is enjoying less hauling to and fro with the garden carts.  Seth started physical therapy this week.  He’ll gradually add weight to his right leg until he is without crutches. This will be a slowish process, but it is progress.  We are so grateful for all the help we’ve received through Seth’s injury.  Gifts of food and funds, help on the farm, visits, cards, and calls have all eased the challenges.  We are certainly blessed to have the support of such a great community.  And we are especially grateful to have an amazing crew that is so hardworking and dedicated to keeping the farm thriving.

2 more weeks of the share and market season: We lost the zucchini to a light frost about a week ago, but still haven’t seen a hard frost.  It looks like the clouds are keeping us out of  the high 20 degree lows typical of this time of year.  Even without substantial frost, the lower temps and shorter days are curbing any rapid growth. With everything in the field mostly mature, it is just a matter of bringing in the harvest at this point.  It is week 17 in our CSA season.  We will continue on for 19 weeks this year, which is a change from what we advertised online and in our brochure.  We have plenty of goodies left in the garden  to continue to share.  So, the last share pick-up weekend will be Friday October 13th – Sunday, October 15th.  This is also the last weekend for the farmers markets in Buena Vista and Salida. For Crested Butte the last market weekend will be October 8th.  For folks with a share pick-up in Crested Butte, we will load you up with a double share on the last pick-up on the 8th.

A note on the Yukon Gold potatoes:  We have identified that we have a potato issue called net necrosis.  This can be caused by a couple of different diseases and temperature and moisture issues.  The diseases can be vectored by pests both known to us to be in the area and can also come in on seed potatoes.  It appears as little dark lines of dead tissue in the flesh.  The condition has little to no affect on the taste of the potato and does not represent any health risk to be eaten.  It seems that about 20% of our crop is showing these signs in the flesh.  It is very hard to tell which potatoes are affected by looking at the exterior.  In the photo below you can see the potato on the left is not affected, there is a small patch on the upper right of the middle potato, and the potato on the right is most affected.






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