The August Chill

Fall is in the air.  The temperature has dropped a bit this week and we are feeling the initial growth slow down of the season.  With all our seeds and transplants planted for the season, this time of year it often feels like we are riding a wave of energy that will arrive on shore sometime in October.

Garden Shares





kale – winterbor

onion – sweet

pac choi


From the West Slope

2 Tomatoes

Fruit Shares




We enjoyed the nectarines from last week so much that we decided they needed to be the main attraction in the share this week.  The nectarine season is likely over for us after this week, so we thought we better get our fill while we can.    A popular belief is that the nectarine is a hybrid variety crossing plum and peach genetics.   The nectarine is a naturally occurring mutation of the peach tree that causes its skin to be fuzz free and its flesh to be a bit sweeter.  The genetics of two parent nectarines (mutated peach trees) will create nectarine offspring.  Here are some recipes if you can resist eating these juicy fruits just as they are.

Here is a collection of peach recipes.  Just sub your nectarines for the peaches.

Another collection of delicious things to do with your nectarines.

Nectarine Honey Butter

Nectarine Upside Down Cake  – Wish I’d had this for breakfast.


After a cauliflower drought last season, our first of 2 plantings this season has made it in the box.  Here are some recipes to help you use it up.

Grilled Cauliflower with Cilantro Lime Dressing

Cauliflower Rice Paella

Here is an interesting concept.  Shred your cauliflower and use it in place of rice.

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