Remember the Share Goes Through September to the Second Sat. in October

Still Three More Weeks

Shares will continue until the 2nd weekend in October, which means we have 3 weeks left after the share this week.  Suddenly it feels like the end of the share is fast approaching.  There are a few ways to extend the season if you are getting bummed about the end.  Freezing and drying any herbs and vegetables you have left at the end of the week works well.  Most vegetables need a quick blanch and then you can freeze them.  This works really well with broccoli and  kale.  Herbs can be dried or frozen.  You can also order bulk amounts of veggies and fruits that keep well like potatoes and storage apples. There are also tomato and peach seconds available for canning or freezing for the next week.
If you are interested in doing this and getting the full list of what’s available, please contact us via email.  We make our order on Monday mornings for Wednesday delivery so we need any orders for extras by Sunday PM.

That pointy cabbage in your share is called Caraflex.  We were thinking of renaming it either “Elf Head” or “Madonna Bra.”  We are open to any other brilliant ideas.


Garden Shares





garlic (Olathe)

kale – redbor



potatoes (from Salida- three colors)

red peppers (Olathe)




tomatoes (Olathe)

Fruit Shares




concord grapes

Herb of the Week: Sage

Use your sage up with your potatoes for some yummy gnocchi:

This recipe is like an omlette:

Fried sage can add a whole new subtlety to sage:

Use your sage and pears in this tasty risotto recipe:

Here are some good ideas to preserve your sage if you can’t use it all at once.  I didn’t know it was so easy to freeze.

Cut Flowers Still Available

The flowers were granted a stay of execution by the frost governor.  This means there are more flowers to pick and there will be more at the markets this weekend.  If you’re in BV come on by one Saturday to pick yourself a bouquet.  Only $5.00 for 25 stems.