Rain Dance

We are feeling relieved to have some afternoon clouds in the forecast and at least some chance of rain in the future and are practicing our daily rain dances in an effort to bring it on.  We are holding visions of rain to help relieve the pressures of fire so present in our State this summer and to help all those who make a livelihood that depends on water.  Many area farms and ranches are struggling with water issues this seasons.  We feel very fortunate to have good water rights here at the farm.

This week we have some new items in both the shares.

Garden Share


rainbow chard


lettuce – butterhead

pac choi



Fruit Share

Apricots – 1 bag

Ranier Cherries – 1 bag


Kohlrabi Au Gratin

Kohlrabi is the white or purple vegetable in the share that looks like an enlarged round broccoli stem with leaves sprouting from the center.

The internet is an endless source of great recipe ideas.  Beyond this newsletter, I highly recommend using this resource to aid in the use and enjoyment of your CSA shares.  In our newsletter I try to showcase interesting recipe sources with limited advertisement,   local food missions, and whole food ingredients.  I also try to hit on recipes that involve as many ingredients as possible from the share.  Many of these websites would be great to bookmark for future use.

This is a basic recipe.  I would use gruyere or parmesan for the cheese.


Download this recipe book for a season of ideas for using your CSA share, including Kolrabi Au Gratin on page 20.



One comment on “Rain Dance

  1. This is a delicious Tortellini Kale Soup recipe my mom makes. It should be wonderfully tasty for a rainy summer evening…

    Tortellini Soup:

    2 fennel bulbs
    1 package low sodium, low fat kielbasa sausage (you can even use turkey instead of pork – that is what we used when you were here)
    1 can cannellini beans (white kidney beans), rinsed
    1 large bunch kale – center stem trimmed out and chopped
    1 package cheese tortellini
    2 low sodium, low fat chicken broth or chicken stock boxes
    Grated parmesan (optional)

    Slice fennel bulb in half, then in strips – remove the center core. Heat a little olive oil and red pepper flakes in a large pot. Cut the sausage into bite-sized pieces and brown in pot. Remove sausage when all pieces are browned. Using the same pot, add sliced fennel. Stir and let it slightly wilt. Add the sausage back with all the juice, add cannellini beans, chopped kale, and chicken stock.
    Let cook for about 20-30 minutes. Add tortellini and let them cook. Enjoy!

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