New Brooder Completed Just in Time

Here’s the newly constructed brooder!  I built the frame with 1 3/8 in. chain link top rail pipe and slip fittings from Colorado Metal Worx.  They are the local company who manufactures the pipe benders and fittings that we used to construct our mobile pasture pens.  The exterior covering is an aluminum/plastic heavy duty bubble wrap I found at True Value.  I wrapped the edges of the bubble wrap with 3 in. wide Gorilla tape, which I also used to piece together sheets for the top.   The installed grommets through the tape reinforcement and used zip ties to attach the side wall and top to the frame.  There is a vent in the top as well as one side of the wall.

Chicken brooder video


The chicks arrived.  Only three casualties in shipment.  We ordered six different breeds:  Rhode Island Red, Sicilian Buttercup, Americauna, Ancona, Brown Leghorn and Partridge Rock.










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