Kohlrabi Abundance and Signs of Warmer Veggies to Come

Garden Shares


Kale- Toscano

Kohlrabi – Purple


Spinach – Large Bunched

Summer Squash – Zucchini or Yellow Squash


Fruit Shares

Sweet Cherries



Caring for your Share Box

Our new boxes have arrived and we are excited to be packing up the shares in them for you to take home.  We will reuse these boxes as long as they are serviceable, so please return them next week when you come to pick up your shares.  To help us extend the life of these boxes help us keep them out of the direct sun, dust, and wet.  For your convenience these boxes easily breakdown to a flat form.  There are a few tricks to proper box breakdown to prevent the flaps from tearing.  Check out this vintage video starring Seth for a quick tutorial on proper box breakdown.  

More Beautiful Kohlrabi !

We had hoped to space the kohlrabi installments out a bit, but the garden says the time for kohlrabi is now.  And now is the time, if you haven’t already, to get serious about making that delicious Kohlrabi au gratin recipe posted in the newsletter last week.  Another simple way to use your kohlrabi is to make a slaw like this one below.


Kohlrabi will also store well in your refrigerator.  Cut the leaves off the top and use them like kale.  The bulbs will store for several weeks.

Summer Squash and Oregano

In the share this week you will find a yellow squash or a zucchini, a little teaser of warmer weather crops to come.  This squash is from the West Slope.  Our crop of zucchini is on the way.  Here is a simple quiche recipe involving the squash and oregano in the share this week.


Your excess oregano will dry nicely.  Simply hang the oregano upside down in a place with plenty of airflow.  When dry flake the oregano off the stem and store leaves in an airtight container.  Oregano is also a really nice compliment to tomato sauces and is delicious in meatballs with garlic, olive oil and bread crumbs.

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