Greenhouse update

This is Caitlin’s favorite truss right now. The tomatoes are doing great. The pruning is all caught up and the fruit set looks heavy.


One comment on “Greenhouse update

  1. I’m glad to see your tomatoes did well. It’s august here in San Antonio and most of our heirloom tomatoes are not producing because of the heat. Just finished building 2 20×25 shade cloth frames. With 30% shade cloth to see if they can bounce back. We are looking to purchase 10 acres very soon just outside San Antonio, in Castroville. Our 3/4 + 1/2 acre is maxed out and have a waiting list. Our current farm has poor alkalinity soil, but have been trying to balance the ph for 2 years now. We are trying a different route to balance the ph for next year. Nevertheless we produce bountiful fruit in 3 month spurts but are lucky to have a solid 3 season growing period. Bugs are bad down south. Miss your farm so much and you guys are the reason I started farming here. My landscape business is booming, which means my business partner in the farm business has taken a heavy load on the 2 farms . Keep up the great work and innovation,

    Ultra runner, Josh

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