Frosty Mornings

There is frost on the ground here this morning and a little bit even crept into the flower garden.  If we’re lucky we might have one more week of flowers at the market.  With the frost we will say farewell to a few crops in the garden including zucchini, green beans and peas, which are mostly picked over anyhow.  Much of our production is tolerant to the frosty weather and will be harvested unharmed until mid October.

Garden Shares



kale – toscano

mizuna/arugula salad mix

lettuce – red leaf

sweet onions


West Slope


Fruit Shares

Jonagold apples





With the weather turning cooler it is time to think soup.  Here are some recipes highlighting your share items this week.

Cream of Broccoli

Kale and Roasted Vegetables

Just Kale Soup


Plum Tarts

Rustic and traditional recipes will both make a delicious plum tart.  Check out these links below.

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