About the Farm – CSA Model

Eating locally and seasonally is at the core of the CSA model. Shares are packed each week prior to pick-up time, so selection and choice are not the same as shopping at a grocery store. For our garden shares, the selection of items is based on what will grow well in our particular climate, what the general tastes and preferences as observed at our farmers markets, and what fits most easily into our established production systems.  Our goal is to balance diversity and popularity when selecting vegetables and herbs and to provide usable portions in each share.  The Salad Share is a newer specialized approach to the CSA.  The Salad Share will only include those items that can be eaten raw in salad form.

By joining our CSA you will be an integral part of an effort to produce quality food while sustaining the health of local farmland, economy, and community. CSA members make a financial commitment early in the year entering into a relationship of shared risk and abundance with the farmers. The early revenue helps cover the many early expenses that are common every year.  The flexibility in the particular mix of items helps to offset the seemingly inevitable and unplanned shortages and abundances. To fulfill the contract, Weathervane Farm provides a weekly distribution of produce boxed, cooled and ready to enjoy, and our newsletter, The Weathervane Arrow, which includes news from the farm, recipes, farm photos, event announcements and links to other useful resources.  We carefully consider the value of the share each week and for the whole season.  To address the wide range of tastes and preferences that we have experienced in our customers, we offer the Market Bounty Share.  This share will cultivate the same early financial commitment and flexibility of available product but transfers the power of selection to the customer.     Your membership commitment strengthens our local economy by restoring  local producer and consumer relationships.  Also, by supporting a local agricultural business you are helping to ensure the preservation of local agricultural land.

Through the CSA model there are many opportunities to connect with the land and farmers producing your food.  We offer working memberships and volunteer opportunities to aid in deepening your relationship with the farm. When picking up your share take some time to enjoy the farm or market and connect with the farmers.  Tours of the farm are also available at our annual gatherings and by appointment.

Weathervane Farm is committed to providing you with responsibly produced, high-quality, healthy, beautiful food. We look forward to creating a relationship with you!