Crop Report


These broccoli were transplanted two days ago.  They’re perjury and looking good.  I’ve decided to stop covering the transplants with row cover.  The low temps for the following week are all in the mid 50’s.  In the last five years I remember sporadic 50 degree nights at best and only in July.  With such warmth I think the maturity times will stay more in line with the planning if the cover is left off.  I’m still covering the seeds that I put in to hold in moisture and then take it off after germination.


Along with rapid crop growth the warm temps are also affecting the pests.  This Napa cabbage looks beautiful, but it is thick with aphids.  We will cut the whole succession this week, export all the leaf material we can and then torch the ground with a weed burner the controlling the aphids that are left.

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