Raising Food to New Altitudes

Seth Roberts authors this blog about the art of farming at high altitude.

Garden carts and greenhouse dibbler

My night job is on hold while the renovations to the new building are finished.  It’s nice to have entire days to work on the long project list.  Here are two recent completions. We brought three broken down carts with us when we moved from the Front Range.  I’m amazed we  survived the last two […]

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The Peas are Rising

The weather seems to have stabilized a bit.   We’ve had one full day without rain and today is looking clear.  The predicted 36 deg. low on Wednesday turned into 40 deg. here at the house.  The zucchini transplants were planted in the ground yesterday, and even though the night time lows are staying well above […]

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Working with the Weather

As I woke up Monday morning and looked out the window blue sky shown through the trees for the first time in several days.  The last week has been unusually dark and wet.  Only .37” of rain is reported, but 4 days of clouds and sporadic rain is uncommon here.  We took advantage of the […]

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Cold Frosty Bridge

On my way to feed the goats this mourning I noticed the distictive sheen of frost at my feet. The min/max thermometer at the house said the low last night was 38. It reads the temperature about 10ft above the bridge on the opposit side of the house. I’ve never seen micro climates so evident […]

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Birthday Chicks

The first round of broiler chicks arrived last Thursday, Juniper’s third birthday.  100 out of 100 survived the trip from Nebraska by US post and 100 out of 100 are still cheeping.  We are planning three rounds of 100 birds each this year.  Each round will stay in the brooder for about two weeks and […]

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