Weathervane Farm Journal

Juicy Tidbits from the life of a Farmer

Greenhouse Update

We are working at updating the salad beds in the greenhouse.  We are replacing the wire mesh, landscape fabric and wood sides that hold the media.  The bed above also received new media.  We are trying a new media product manufactured by Waste Farmers in Denver called B-64.  It is a soil-less, peat-less media with […]

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Spring Tillage

I got back to tilling the new garden today.  This is the second pass with the rototiller. The first pass was made last November.  There is still a lot of work to accomplish to get the soil ready for planting, but I feel hopeful it won’t be as hard as the first time we started […]

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Hoophouse covering 2013

My sister, Leah, and I put the plastic on the hoophouse today. It is the best installation yet and it took about five less people than last year.  I walked out this morning to check the soil condition. We will be receiving our first lily bulb shipment next week and we are planning on putting […]

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Workday Report 7-4-12

The beet problems continue.  A few days ago I thought this section of beets wasn’t going to germinate.  It was an issue with the sprinkler heads. I don’t have enough of the good heads I like and so in this line I alternated with the Rainbird LF heads.  The dispersion patterns are so poor that […]

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