Bittersweet Frosty Forecasts



Just one more reminder, first thing, that we are having a farm party tomorrow.  The Post Frost Harvest Hoedown will be a potluck and will have special musical guest Cahalen Morrison.  The fun starts  at 5pm.  Bring  a friend, a potluck dish and bring your own plate and silverware.  See you tomorrow.


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Bittersweet Frosty Forecasts

This week marked a shift in the seasons.  With a frosty morning on Tuesday that took our zucchini and put a final rest to our bean successions, we are starting to feel things wind down a bit at the farm.  This time of year is bittersweet for vegetable and flower farmers.  We are sad to see some of our crops go with the frosts but are happy to feel the transition into a quieter less busy time.  Not to worry though, we have lots of crops out in the garden that thrive in cool temperatures and get sweeter and more tender with a little frost.  We will also have some new crops from our garden and other farmers in the last month of the share season.  Expect potatoes and winter squash  from the West Slope and the San Luis Valley and leeks and cabbage from our garden.  Here’s a look at the condition of the zucchini after the frost on Tuesday.

Caprese Salad

Here are a couple variations on the classic caprese salad which combines basil, tomato, and fresh mozerella.  With tomatoes and basil in the share this week this salad is a great way to celebrate the bounty of the summer. 

This one has a basil vinaigrette and some pictures that are very stimulating to the appetite.

This one has a sweet balsamic dressing.

This variation has a garlicky flair.

Tomato Basil Bread

I found this yummy looking recipe en route to the caprese salad recipe above.