Birthday Chicks

The first round of broiler chicks arrived last Thursday, Juniper’s third birthday.  100 out of 100 survived the trip from Nebraska by US post and 100 out of 100 are still cheeping.  We are planning three rounds of 100 birds each this year.  Each round will stay in the brooder for about two weeks and then move to the pasture.  The birds will then be on the green grass for another 5-7 weeks scratching and eating in the shade of the moveable shelter.  Then we will set up the processing trailer and get to scalding and plucking.  Last year was our first experience with pastured poultry.  We raised and processed around 200 birds wtih the help of some friends and the great products at Featherman Equipment Company and Premier One.  This year I ordered the birds in March to lock in the dates we wanted.  The plan is to process the first round  right before Rocky Grass weekend and then hightail it to Lyons for a bluegrass gettaway.