Movin’ to the Country, Gonna Eat Alot of Peaches

Garden Shares

Arugula – Beans – Beets – Broccoli – Cilantro – Escarole – Mustard – Sugar Snap Peas – Scallions – Turnips – Zucchini – Jalapeno and Corn (from Olathe)

Fruit Shares

There have been a lot of peaches in the shares this year.  Thankfully they have been delicious.  Rhubarb will make and appearance next week in the shares and coming up soon are nectarines.

1 5lb box of peaches

Grilled Escarole

Escarole, peaches, and fennel on the grill.

Seth made the most delicious escarole as part of  a pasta dish last night and it was so easy

Simply halve your escarole and wash it out in the sink under running water.  Set head down in a colander for about 10 minutes to drain moisture and then transfer to a bowl and coat with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

Using tongs place escarole on the grill and turn as needed.  The desired result is a nicely wilted escarole with grill marks.  The bitter escarole flavor neutralizes in this process and the smokey grill flavor compliments this lovely pasta dish Seth created.


Seth’s Grilled Vegetable Pasta

Any combination of grilled veggies would work nicely in this dish.  Seth used:

1 box penne pasta

1 head Escarole (romaine would also work)

2 large summer squash halved or quartered (zucchini or yellow squash -keep it chunky)

4 peaches halved

1 whole head fennel (removing the fronds)

4-5 large tomatoes

Basil (Chopped)

1/2 a large package of fresh mozzarella

Gorgonzola crumbles

Olive oil and salt


Make pasta.  Prepare escarole, summer squash, peaches, and fennel.  Keep all of these items bigger so they will fit on the grill easily.  Coat in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill.  Once grilled chop into smaller pieces.  Chop the fennel  across the bulb from side to side for best results.  Keep tomatoes fresh and chop and combine with the grilled mixture.  Add chopped basil.  Add 1/2  large log fresh mozzarella.  Stir into the finish pasta.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Garnish with a sprinkling of gorgonzola cheese crumbles.


Call to Artists

Harvest Themed Art Show At the Jailhouse

Our friend Brynn is promoting a unique benefit supporting the local food economy.  Check out her invitation below.

The Jailhouse Gallery extends an invitation to participate in a group show.  The theme is Harvest.  Accepting all mediums (2-D. 3-D, writing, poetry, etc.) and interpretations of the theme.  The opening will be Tuesday, Sept 6th form 5:30-10pm.  The show seeks to express community and farm appreciation.  There will be refreshments and live music in the garden.  We are accepting work in the Jailhouse from September 1st-4th from 12 to 4pm. (We can be flexible with these dates, especially if you are coming from out of town.)  There is $5 entry per piece.  30% of art sales go to the Jailhouse Gallery.  10% of art sales will be donated to Weathervane Farm and Cottonwood Creek Dairy.  We hope you can be a unique part of this concept and collaboration…and please feel free to pass this on to others that you feel would like to participate.

Please contact Brynn @ 719.221.3405 for more details or with questions.




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