Bounty Time is Here

We are back from our adventure and had a busy week here at the farm.  This time of year is our peak harvest season with almost all the veggies ready to harvest.  Joan and Randy, Seth’s folks, are gone for the week for some family reunion time and took our daughter Juniper along for the fun. Seth and I are missing all of them, but enjoying our break from parenting and spending lots of time working on the farm.

The box was so full this week we found it challenging to close.  We hope everyone enjoys the bounty.

Garden Shares

beans – broccoli – carrots – corn (from Olathe) –  fennel –  basil –  redbor kale –  red kohlrabi – red lettuce – sugar snap peas – scallions – spinach – 1 jalepeno (from Olathe) – 1 big zucchini – 1 smaller zucchini

Fruit Shares

5lbs Peaches

Palisade Peach Julep

Here is a recipe for a peachy cocktail shared by fruit share member, Stacey Donaldson, who recently attended an Outstanding in the Field event.  Learn more about what they do here.   Maybe someday we can have them out to Weathervane.  This beverage sounds delicious with or without the the vodka.

2 ounces Fourteener vodka
1 ounce pomegranate juice
1/2 ounce simple syrup
1 ripe palisade peach
3 fresh mint leaves
splash of soda (they used sprite) –I am really into using mineral water and a tsp of sugar in lieu of soda

Peel and slice peach, saving a few slices to garnish.  Muddle with mint in a shaker.  Add vodka, pomegranate and simple syrup.  Shake well.  Strain over ice into a glass.  Top with a splash of soda.  Garnish with peach slices and fresh mint leaves.  Yield: 1 serving.



The traditional use for a mondo zucchini is bread.  But, if you are looking for something more savory, here is one of my favorite uses for zucchini – the zucchini pancake.  Here are some variations.

With Tatziki-

Korean Style –

Using Cornmeal –


Rockygrass Fun

As usual we had a great time at Rocky Grass.  Thanks again to all of our helpers that made this trip possible.

Seth and Randy resting and enjoying the music.
Six Eyed Juniper.
Juni and Jad.
Annual Family Self Portrait








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