Roots Rock!

It is feeling like summer here on the farm.  We are full on in our irrigation schedule again without the afternoon rains this week. It is amazing what passes for hot here at 8000 feet, considering that we haven’t come to close to 100 degrees when so many places in the country are experiencing heat waves.  Still we are sweating more the past week and observing the plants reactions to the warmer weather.

Next weekend the immediate farm family will be gone on our annual Rockygrass adventure.  This year, along with Grandma and Grandpa, we will also be joined by Rafe, Lindsey and Jad.  We will be leaving the farm in the hands of our highly capable staff and extended farm family.  This is a great mid season break for us and we always come back refreshed and ready to finish the season strong.  If anyone does need to reach us we will be checking our phone a couple times a day.  Seth’s phone is 719 207 2287.

Garden Shares

broccoli – carrots(first of the season!) – chard –  daikon radish – Tuscano kale – red and white kohlrabi – red leaf lettuce – 1/2 napa cabbage – scallions – yellow squash (from Austin’s) – turnips – oregano

Next week: Sugar Snap Peas

Fruit Shares*


*Please note that we can reuse the cardboard fruit boxes.  We will continue to pack the fruit share in these boxes for the rest of the season. Thanks!


Daikon Radish

Those long white roots in the shares are daikon radish.  Thay are also called Japanese radish and are a bit spicier than their red globed cousins.   Below are a few daikon recipes.  I have referenced the Golden Earthworm Organic Farm site before.  It is lovely to look at and there is a nice collection of recipes listed by crop.

Here is another list of daikon recipes from Worden Farm.








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