Tutti Frutti

We hope everyone enjoyed the first week of garden shares.

The cherries are here. Let the fruit shares begin!


Garden Shares

Chard – Cilantro – Garlic – Tuscano Kale – Romaine Lettuce – Baby Pac Choi – Asian Radish – Salad Turnip – Yakuna Savoy – Kale Yeah! Tote Bag

Fruit Shares

1 bag cherries (this week and next we will have extra cherries in the shares to make up for the postponement of the share.)

Yoga and Guidestone

Last night we went to Kenny Graham’s (http://www.kgyoga.com/) yoga class here in Buena Vista.  He is here all weekend doing an Anusara workshop brought to the community by Jenna from jalaBlu (http://jalablu.blogspot.com/2011/06/yoga-charity-fundraiser-with-jalablu.html ).  Last night was a benefit for Guidestone (http://www.guidestonecolorado.org/)  Check out the information links above to learn more.  The week got away from me, as I meant to let folks know about this in advance, but I thought the information might still be relevant if anyone is interested in attending part of the workshop this weekend or making a charitable donation to Guidestone. Also check out JalaBlu’s upcoming workshops and weekly schedule.   We are so glad to have Jenna and her gift of yoga here in our community.  It keeps our farmer bodies healthy and minds sane! Thanks Jenna!






Worden Farm Website

Here is an interesting website from a farm in Southwestern Florida.  They have a great library of recipes and crop post harvest care tips.


Last night, Seth’s Dad, Randy made a delicious radish and turnip slaw.  He just grated all the vegetables in the Cuisinart. We had it with salmon burgers.  It would be a great side for your 4th of July BBQ feast.  Play with variations on this slaw by adding chopped cilantro. Later on in season use cabbage, kohlrabi and broccoli stem.


Grilled Romaine

There are a number of great recipes online for grilled romaine.  I would quarter the romaine head and leave the bigger leaves on for any of the recipes below.  Brush all leaves with oil for best results.

This site looks like a great resource for using your share contents throughout the season.


This dressing looked particularly yummy!



We are bringing back a classic video from our first Garden CSA year to demonstrate proper box breakdown.  Check it out by clicking the link here.

Box Breakdown